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Public Service

Navigate the Illawarra region with Premier Illawarra's extensive and comfortable bus network.

School Service

Safe, reliable school transport by Premier Illawarra connects students to education daily.

Premier Motor Service

Premier Illawarra's Premier Motor Service offers bespoke travel with superior comfort for all group sizes.

Bus Charter

Flexible and convenient, Premier Illawarra's bus charters cater to all your event transport needs.

Why Choose Us

Premier Illawarra - Hydrogen Bus Project

  • Extensive Coverage: Services span across the Illawarra region, including key locations like Wollongong and the University of Wollongong.
  • School Transport: Offers direct school bus services, with free transport for eligible students.
  • Charter Services: Provides a wide range of buses for charter with professional planning assistance.
  • Accessibility: Covers both northern and southern parts of Illawarra, ensuring accessibility.
  • Experience: Has established a reputation for reliable service in the area.
  • Professional Staff: Employs experienced staff to help with trip planning and customer service.
  • Community Engagement: Actively engages with the community to cater to its transportation needs.

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JP Cook

06 July

Long story short I lost my wallet in Paterson street. Vlad the bus driver who services as a professional driver in coalcliff, found my wallet with $300 in it. He found my number through my business card and rang me to tell me where can he could return it. Every dollar was still in my wallet. Vlad is an asset to his company and real honest professional. He would except no money in return except to say it's all good I'm glad I could help. Thank you mate, you made my day good again.


05 October

My kids take their school bus.the driver is friendly. Once a new driver didn't see my kids and passed by their waiting spot without stopping. I called the company, they sent another bus straight away to get my kids to school on time. Very helpful and professional, great service.

Keena Lara

21 November

There are some decent drivers working for Premier. Example the 65 route Port Kembla to Wollongong. Several times I have seen a driver on this route help a very elderly/near blind man onto the bus at Warrawong Plaza, with his walker and shopping.then at the old mans stop in Lake Heights.the driver helps him off the bus and guides him over to the other side of the street. Good service.

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